TriColor Heron – Biolab Dr – June 2015

I truly enjoy pictures that show faces of birds. Just weird I guess. Perhaps I mentioned this – Biolab Dr is a road that goes through Canaveral National Seashore along the Indian River.

I also tried a full size picture. Please let me know if there are problems loading it. Thanks!

Flower Archives


Flowers – Orlando Wetlands Park – April 2015


Garden Flower – University of Central Florida – April 2015

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.”  – Standing Bear

A little about Standing Bear. He was a Ponca Indian in Nebraska in the 1800’s. He was party to a landmark court case where it was judged that Indians were indeed people and US citizens and entitled to the same rights as others. Contrary to the governments argument that they were neither a person or a citizen. Unbelievable and incredibly sad.

I was creating a flower gallery and ran across some of these pics – not previously published. Probably a few more will trickle out in the next few days.

Quote found at http://www.quotegarden.com/nature.html. Standing Bear bio at http://www.nebraskahistory.org/lib-arch/research/manuscripts/family/standing-bear.htm

Brown Feathers


Tri-Color – Orlando Wetlands Park – June 2015


Limpkin – Orlando Wetlands Park – June 2015

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein

I really liked the colors on the tri color heron. As for the limpkin, he lives right at the first turn onto wetlands blvd. I have pics of him every month since February.

Quote found at http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2013/05/28/inspirational-quotes/

Florida Sandhill Crane


Sand Hill Crane and Juvenile – Orlando Wetlands Park – June 2015

I love these guys, they are fearless. I was walking along the berm and they shared it with me. Not showing any nervousness, just going about their business. Children stay with their parents for up to 10 months and couples stay together for several years.  The Florida strain of Sand Hills are a threatened species – they have graduated from endangered.