Golden Orb Spider

Golden Orb Spider – May 2016 – Lori Wilson Park
Golden Orb Spider w/male – May 2016 – Lori Wilson Park

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”- Henry David Thoreau

Note the male’s size in relation to the female(best in 2nd picture).

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Sedges Have Edges

Sedge Flower – Mullet Lake Park – May 2016

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”- Vivian Greene

Title from a plant ID rhyme “Sedges have edges; rushes are round; grasses are hollow right up from the ground”. While not always true – often times it plays in my head as I walk around.

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Music Monday: Zoe’s New Album Kickstarter #3

Congrats guys – good luck on phase 2. Love the song.

Mitigated Frenzy

Well, today I finally got antibiotics for the respiratory/other body part infection that’s plagued me for over a month. I had a good initial reaction so I’m hopeful. The last couple of days have been horrible and horribly exhausting.

But the good news: Zoe’s “Small Brown Birds” Kickstarter campaign is now fully funded! Woohoo! We made it in 10 days, which is really nice. This has been by far the easiest fundraising for an album with the best result that we ever did. Yay!

As is natural, the campaign has gone into a bit of a lull (Zoe’s travelling and I’ve been bed ridden). Just because we made our nut doesn’t mean that further pledges aren’t useful! We now have stretch goals which aim at publicity. From the updated campaign description:

Now that we’ve met the initial goal, further pledges will go toward radio promotion. In addition to the cost of…

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Music Monday: New Zoe Album Kickstarter, Week 2

Mitigated Frenzy

The campaign is doing great!

One week in and we’re 79% funded ($4,970 by 89 backers)! I’m very hopeful we’ll hit and even exceed the goal.

One interesting phenomenon I’ve observed is that salutary psychological benefits of the campaign: Zoe’s really feeling validated and stoked by the response. That’s no small thing, as making an album is really hard, creatively speaking, and this sort of encouragement is really helpful. (I mean, the cash obviously makes things easier, but the psychological benefits are on top of that. If this campaign were slow and painful, with lots of begging and pleading, and small trickles of pledges resulting in the same amount of money, it would have a very different effect psychologically.)

Relatedly, the premiums are a useful forcing function to get some things done that we’ve been pondering for quite some time.

We’re working on a song video for the next…

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