Glossy or Limpkin?


Glossy Ibis – Merritt Island – October 2015

“It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed” – Thomas Moore

I puzzled over this guy for a while. When I was taking the pics I was pretty sure it was a glossy ibis, however when I got it home it’s was a limpkin – with odd (to me) coloring. So odd that I looked at the pic and changed him back to a glossy. A white face maybe?

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Ebony and Ivory


Ebony and Ivory – Orlando Wetlands Park – October 2015


Camo – Orlando Wetlands Park – October 2015

“We learn to live, we learn to give. Each other what we need to survive together alive.”  – Paul McCarthy

The pics not so good, but the image was good for about an hour of Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCarthy and Stevie Wonder playing through my head. Birds seem to get along well on the feeding grounds. Wish we could do this.

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