Henry Nehrling – 1853-1927

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Caladium – Nehrling Gardens – May 2017

“Nehrling had several favorite species, which he grew and bred far more than others. Caladiums, Amaryllis, Palms, Cycads, and Bamboo were among those most grown at Palm Cottage. Nehrling describes in his writing as having planted 25000 individual Caladiums each year in his Lath Houses, as well as thousands of other species that required protection from the strong Florida sun.” –  Nehrling Gardens web site

Palm Gardens is located just west of Orlando in the town of Gotha.

Partridge Pea


Partridge Pea – Mullet Lake Park – August 2016

“Man is merely a custodian of many things and when he passes on he leaves everything behind, even the ruins of what he destroyed.” -John Clayton Gifford.

Quote found in “Florida’s Pioneer Naturalist, The Life of Charles Torrey Simpson” – Elizabeth Ogren Rothra