Couples – Flowers This Time


Lantana – Lake Claire, UCF – March 2015


Flower – Mead Botanical Gardens – March 2015

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” William Shakespeare

This marks the reappearance of lantana – probably not the last time as it’s colors and shapes fascinate me.

And, with the second pic I have added a new location – Mead Botanical Garden. This is a 50 acre oasis in Winter Park Florida, great spot for a break from civilization. I believe I spotted a reddish egret there, I will be asking my birding friends on Saturday for confirmation.

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The Near Sighted Heron


Tri-colored Heron on Approach

Captured this sequence at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve, Such a beautiful spot probably saw 30-40 different species of birds. Got some great water bird shots. I noticed this fellow has red eyes. Hadn’t encountered that before, but did twice today.


Tri-collored Heron – Slight Miscalculation

Now I’m just having fun with these 4 pics. I’m sure this all went according to the heron’s plan.

But this guy showed true determination. That post was the prime hunting spot in that particular canal.


Tri-Colored Heron – Almost There


Tri-colored Heron – Made It!