Little Things

Mushroom in the Path – Econ Wilderness Park
Lichen Patch – Econ Wilderness Park

As I began my wandering on Sunday I firmly had my goals in mind. Seeing/photographing (my morphism od seeing/drawing) from Franck and nature’s interrelationships from Patterson.

I started walking in the Econ Wilderness Area, a small Seminole county park in Oviedo that I had not been to in several months. After a bit of walking, listening to birds singing, I began to notice the smaller things. A mushroom, a patch of lichen, spider webs, and the beginnings of a flower blossom. I have chosen not to clear debris or remove items from my pictures. You see what I saw in all natures perfection and imperfection.

On the technical side I had to use a flash for the mushroom and lichen because I couldn’t maintain a handheld shutter speed with the available light within the forest. The technical aspects of shooting are becoming second nature and not interfering with capturing the moment.
I need to remember to slow down – a common theme with me. I become so excited with the wonders that I see, I do not take the time to capture them properly. I should have walked the park 2 times.

Basket Web – Econ Wilderness Park
Signs of Renewal – Econ Wilderness Park

More Inspiration

Sunrise at Orlando Wetlands Park. November 2014.

I have begun reading The Zen of Seeing by Frederick Franck. What an unbelievable book, much like Freeman Patterson I will now seek out all his publications. This book is handwritten rather than type set and includes numerous sketches by the author. Here’s a link to his website for more info.

Although the book is geared towards drawing, it easily transfers to photography. His main premise is something he calls see/draw (substitute see/photograph). He speaks of observing a scene as it exists, without labels, judgments, thoughts of a prize winning picture, etc. Everything stands on its own the merits simply because it exists. I’ve probably muddled the message somewhat but that’s what I got out of it.

He also speaks of drawing the “ten thousand things” which is, a Buddhist idea pertaining to the makeup of the universe. I a going to pursue this idea a bit over time.

Recent Weekend


Last weekend I stayed close to home and checked out the arboretum. Good news, the robins are around in force – a sign of spring? Several flowers are starting to bloom too. Although the bird in the picture is not a robin, in fact I was unable to id it.

I am starting to learn how to slow down. Typically picture taking has been like ‘wow that’s cool — snap, snap, snap’. Reading Freeman Patterson, among others I am trying to stop, look, assess, plan, compose, and shoot. This has proved difficult but I continue to try.  I get so distracted by spontaneous displays of beauty – look a bird, a flower, great lighting over there – need I go on?

Back To It.


I’ve been out every morning for the past week and a half. All the usual spots. Raining today so I get a chance to review and post.

Here’s a shot of a pelican sitting on the Cocoa Beach pier. It’s a bit blown out, but I was having difficulty capturing the dark feathers and the white head, I think the look on his face is worth a post. I plan on getting back there once or twice in the next few days.

I’ve begun my second Freeman Patterson book, Photography of Natural Things and as usual he has some thought provoking ideas that make me want to be out on the trail observing and photographing.

Planning to go to Blanchard Park this afternoon, haven’t been there in a while and got some great ibis shots and a bittern eating the last time I was there.

ibis bittern

Next Photo Shoot

Planning to spend Saturday morning at Mullet Lake Park. This will be a wrap up, with some landscapes and sunrise shots. We should have some clouds by then, since rain is predicted for Saturday evening, and I noticed a few out there now.

My only hesitation will be setting up with the wide angle zoom and missing that perfect bird picture. Otherwise, I will be practicing some ideas from the Freeman Patterson book. Looking for patterns and shapes and perhaps after an hour or so moving on to textures as the sun gets higher. Should be fun this will certainly be a different approach for me. While I do some of this it is not with conscious thought. It will be fun seeing what I get.

Which leads me to my next idea. Since I spend a lot of time exploring the 3 counties around me (Orange, Seminole, and Brevard – may add Lake). I am looking at creating a pamphlet or booklet with the best shooting spots and some info about them. May be of interest, since I am having to dig around for this information – consolidating it seems natural.

First Post

Welcome to mid-December. I’m going to use this blog to chronicle my photographic journey. Current interests include nature and specifically bird photos. This has rekindled my interest in learning about nature and it’s many nuances.

I am currently reading Photography and the Art of Seeing, by Freeman Patterson – . I started reading this book electronically several times and failed, now I have a hard copy and it’s going much better. Lots of great insight into the process of seeing.

My plans for this weekend include spending some time at Mullet Lake Park in Geneva, FL. I discovered it last week and it is a wonderful spot for nature study. It is located just off the St Johns river and rich with water and terrestrial birds. As part of the exercises suggested in Photography and the Art of Seeing, I plan to set up my camera at the water’s edge and sit and observe. Also, I will try some random close up work.