Bird Monday

Dust Off – Geneva Wilderness Area – November 2014
Sandhill Crane – Geneva Wilderness Area – November 2014

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

Sorting through some older photos and ran across these – not yet published.

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Next Photo Shoot

Planning to spend Saturday morning at Mullet Lake Park. This will be a wrap up, with some landscapes and sunrise shots. We should have some clouds by then, since rain is predicted for Saturday evening, and I noticed a few out there now.

My only hesitation will be setting up with the wide angle zoom and missing that perfect bird picture. Otherwise, I will be practicing some ideas from the Freeman Patterson book. Looking for patterns and shapes and perhaps after an hour or so moving on to textures as the sun gets higher. Should be fun this will certainly be a different approach for me. While I do some of this it is not with conscious thought. It will be fun seeing what I get.

Which leads me to my next idea. Since I spend a lot of time exploring the 3 counties around me (Orange, Seminole, and Brevard – may add Lake). I am looking at creating a pamphlet or booklet with the best shooting spots and some info about them. May be of interest, since I am having to dig around for this information – consolidating it seems natural.

Weekend Photo Shoot

Got out twice this weekend – quite chilly in the morning – tiki bar temp around 42, Mullet Lake Park was my destination.

When I arrived just after dawn on Saturday, the hunters were quite active out on the river. This was good because it brought some birds in closer for photos. The woodpecker’s were in the camping area, ibis and egrets at the water’s edge. It is hard to describe the beauty of the morning in these tranquil locations.

Sunday morning in addition to the above birds, I spotted what I believe to be a red shouldered hawk. He was at the top of a tree preening himself, giving me the opportunity to get quite close and snap a bunch of photos.

Trying to work ideas from the Freeman Patterson book seems a bit difficult, I cannot decide if I am here to document the existence of these animals and vistas, or attempt to portray the feelings I experience being there and enjoying the sunrise, bird calls, and visuals.

I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks on vacation – both to enjoy with family and steal my mornings at various locations around central Florida.