More on Henri Rousseau


Dawn Light at Orlando Wetlands Park in November – anxiously awaiting the February reopening.

Just finished a quick read on Rousseau called Interpreting Henri Rousseau by Nancy Ireson. Lovely little softback book laden with pics of Rousseau’s best works.

Ms. Ireson gives us the picture of a rather complex man who would feign naivete to promote his pictures or escape jail time, when in reality he was quite a worldly individual savvy in the ways of modern(1890’s) Paris. Sadly his fame came after his death.

I know that whatever the circumstances of his life and death, he has given me much joy gazing at his pictures and influenced many of my life’s choices. I still have a print of The Sleeping Gypsy hanging in my house as it has in every place I have lived for the past 40+ years.

I am actively looking about for a way to photographically capture the spirit of his jungle scenes. Obviously they will be without lions and tigers as I will have to concentrate on the foliage. Here in the sub-tropical zone the jungle like foliage is landscaped so careful framing will be necessary.