Wildflower Wednesday

Interesting Plant – Lake Monroe Park – May 2015
Interesting Leaves – Lake Monroe Park – May 2015

“My progress was rendered delightful by the sylvan elegance of the groves, cheerful meadows, the high distant forests, which in grand order presented themselves in view” – William Bartram

William Bartram, my favorite naturalist, traveled these paths in the late 1700’s seeing wonders we can only dream about.

Quote found at http://www.great-quotes.com/quotes/author/William/Bartram

Dragonfly Lore

Skimmer – Lake Monroe – May 2015
Skimmer – Lake Monroe Park – May 2015

“Reflected in the dragonflies eye — mountains” – Kobayashi Issa

Dragonflies live 2 different lives. In the east they are majestic signs of strength, in the west objects of superstition. Some translations of European names for dragonflies – devils needle (French and German), water witch, blind stinger. See this blurb for more info http://www.petzon.se/dragonfly/main/just_for_fun/folklore.html. I’ll be adding this to my wetlands tour talks.

To me the fact that hexagons appear again – in the light reflected from the dragonflies eyes is a tribute to that universal shape.

Thanks to http://justkeepbrains.com/ for leading me on this path of investigation.