Acres of Diamonds

lbheron babywpecker

Once again the Russell Conwell speech proved true. . You don’t need to roam the world in search of fortune because acres of diamonds are in your own backyard. In December I had the good fortune to get out before dawn on at least a dozen occasions, I probably traveled 1500+ miles in total and took that many pictures too. Captured some great shots and enjoyed some fabulous sunrises, birds singing, and landscapes, but the 2 pictures I consider my best were both from within 2 miles of my house.

The pictures are of a lesser blue heron and a baby woodpecker. I stalked the heron for about 50 yards along the lake before getting this shot. The woodpecker baffled me for a while as he mined a palm frond for bugs. Large palm fronds are hollow and make great amplifiers, so I couldn’t determine what was making the loud noise. I never expected him to be as tiny as he was.

While this “lesson” won’t dampen my wandering spirit, it does cause one to think a bit.