Blogging 101 – intro post

First, thanks for providing this resource, I am looking forward to it. My brief personal introduction is in the about section, so I’ve attempted to answer some of the questions posed.

I am beginning to blog because I have a great interest in nature and photography and would like to share my thoughts, explorations, and the journey in general. I am also looking to share my adventures with a wider audience (beyond my family) in hopes that perhaps a few may find it interesting, give me inspiration, and perhaps inspire them to share in similar experiences.

My goal is to post twice per week at a minimum with a fresh picture from that weeks wanderings and a little insight into how I got there and what I did. By the end of this year I would like to have polished my writing, taken more photos, visited  more places – both local and in other parts of the country, and hopefully engage more people in exploring their surroundings and enjoying the natural world.

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