With Minor White

Hanging Out – Little Big Econ wilderness – November 2014

“I have often photographed when I am not in tune with nature but the photographs look as if I had been. So I conclude that something in nature says, ‘Come and take my photograph’. So I do regardless of how I feel.” – Minor White

Minor White was zen before there was zen. If that makes sense to anyone. He embodied the principles of zen in his photography, before they were popular in our society. That’s what I got while reading the essays in Eye Mind Spirit – The Enduring Legacy of Minor White edited by Nathan Lyons, a book that was published with an exhibit by the same name at the Howard Greenberg Gallery commemorating what would have been Minor Whites’ 100 birthday.

See some fabulous photos at http://www.howardgreenberg.com/#home – the Howard Greenberg Gallery

Quote found at http://www.photoquotes.com/showquotes.aspx?id=25&name=White,Minor

Photo is mine.

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