Bliss – Photo 101

Bliss – Mullet Lake Park – November 2014

Bliss for me is a Florida morning, palm trees, Spanish moss on the oaks, calm water, couple of birds flying by, and many more serenading the day.

This is one of many small parks in Central Florida where you can spend a solitary morning, snapping pics, breathing air, and enjoying life. As I have said before, the best part of taking photos is being there.

5 thoughts on “Bliss – Photo 101

      1. Lake Louisa State Park is nice, also, kind of on the way is the Lake Apopka Recreation Area at the north end of the lake. Of course if you’re fortunate to have a friend with a boat or your own boat there are 6 or 7 lakes that connect throughout the Clermont area that are all beautiful.

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