Wildflower Wednesday

Tickseed – Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge – June 2015
Southern Beesblossom – Merritt Island National WIldlife Refuge – June 2015

“The destruction of these works of ages is one of several major crimes in the Commonwealth of Florida.” John K. Small 1927

John Kunkel Small was a naturalist active in Florida in the 1910’s and 1920’s. He was witness to the habitat destruction being done in Florida during that era. The above quote is only part of a much larger rant. Maybe 200 years ago habitat destruction was understandable, but 100 years ago we knew better – much as we do today. Doesn’t seem to matter.

Quote found in The Florida of John Kunkel Small – Danial F. Austin, Anita F. Cholewa, Rita B. Lassiter, and Bruce F. Hansen

4 thoughts on “Wildflower Wednesday

    1. Thanks, As I spend more time out and about I seem to be getting angry at what we have done. A couple of weeks ago I ran across a native American saying(paraphrased) – when is the white man going to realize he can’t eat money!

      1. Did you know Neil Young is coming out with a new album, I believe it’s next week, called The Monsanto Years? There is a youtube out with a new song “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” that includes a 100-pc orchestra. Gave me goosebumps. My daughter sent it to me yesterday. I can post a link here, if you’re interested/can’t find it.

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