Roseate Spoon Bill

Feeding – Merritt Island – January 2016
Tight Crop – Merritt Island – January 2016

Don’t be too proud to take lessons. I’m not. – Jack Nicklaus

Lots of Roseates on the drive today – more pics coming.

Quote found in The book of Florida Wisdom – Criswell Freeman

9 thoughts on “Roseate Spoon Bill

    1. Their feathers are so pretty that folks almost hunted them to extinction in the US. We have 33 breeding pairs left in the 1930’s. Amazing recovery (since we don’t shoot them anymore). I’ll bet I saw at least 33 breeding pairs yesterday alone.

    1. Actually they have mostly comeback – in the 1930’s there were about 35 breeding pairs in Florida. Visit a wetlands this time of year and they are usually hanging around. I’m not familiar with the rest of Florida but there are several spots in Central Florida – Black Point Drive on Merritt Island is great. And starting 2/1 the Orlando Wetlands will reopen.

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