Music Monday: Blackbird

Can’t wait for the release.

Mitigated Frenzy

This is really about Zoe’s next album.

The song selection is mostly finished and the window for adding anything is nearly closed. Anything with serious arrangement needs (i.e., multiple studio musicians) is probably right out. It’s possible to get a Zoe + an instrument song in…but mostly only technically possible. There’s theoretically enough time left, but each day makes it much less likely.

I’m lobbying for a song or two (still!). But my efforts were swamped by Zoe’s radio promoter who was looking for a cover or trad that would ease the way for some radio play. Vincent Black Lightening worked really well on Bonfiles:

And something like that was what was requested.

Zoe does a very nice banjo accompanied cover of Blackbird. You know Blackbird, right? RIGHT?!

Normally when she performs it, there’s a story woven in about taking the last train to Manchester (from Liverpool). It’s a…

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