Saturday Morning

Shadows – Orlando Wetlands Park – September 2015
Clouds – Orlando Wetlands Park – September 2015

“We try hard to preserve old furniture that our ancestors sat and slept in, but neglect the things that can never be replaced or even imitated.” John Kunkel Small

This quote is from the book From Eden to Sahara – Florida’s Tragedy written in 1929. John Kunkel Small was a botanist in the early 20th century who traveled in Florida and documented the plant life found there.

He wrote this book after seeing the destruction caused by digging canals and burning land to clear it. Fortunately we haven’t made it to Sahara yet. A lot of good things are going on like the wetlands purchases along the St Johns, efforts to return the Kissimmee River to its natural course among others, but there is a long way to go.

Triumph – Photo 101

Triumph – Gatorland – March 2015
Wrestlers – Gatorland – March 2015

If I had to guess that Great is feeling pretty triumphant. As for the two gators – not really sure if it’s triumph, domination, or if he’s stuck.

Photo 101 has been great fun, where do we go from here? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the like minded bloggers and gaining a glimpse into their world. THANK YOU. I have noticed several bloggers are embarked on other photo challenges, etc. Please let me know about them – I would love to participate.

Special thanks to the Blogging U. folks for putting this together.

Edge & Alignment – Photo 101

Coral Honey Suckle – Mead Botanical Gardens – March 2015
Palm Fan
Palm Fan – Mead Botanical Gardens – March 2015

For edge and alignment I stuck with nature, The coral honey suckle projects in an inverted fan, and the palm frond upwards. Both pictures were enhanced in photoshop to deepen the lines.

And thanks to photo 101 – I have been dying to use the palm frond picture since I took it, not sure why it struck me.

Glass – Photo 101

Glass Ceiling – Bellagio Las Vegas, NV – October 2014
Chocolate Fountain – Bellagio Las Vegas, NV – October 2014
Yellow Glass – Las Vegas, NV – October 2014

Three different views of glass – from – where else – Las Vegas NV. First a glass ceiling with multiple leaves of colored glass. Then the chocolate fountain using glass for an admirable purpose. As for those buildings – not sure what’s going on.

Treasure – Photo 101

Fire Works – Savage/Christmas Creek Preserve – March 2015

This little guy is one of the wild flower treasures in Central Florida. I believe it’s Mimosa Pudica. Although it’s a non-native species I am delighted every time I stumble upon one. They remind me of a fireworks explosion, they are also the source of some magnificent puff balls at a later phase of their life.

It always gets me on the ground – macro lens in hand – snapping away.

Scale – Photo 101

Legoland – Germany – September 2005
Legoland – Germany – September 2005

Nothing screams scale like legoland. Both oversize and undersized. Had to reach way back in the archives for these pics. For example the little boy in the photo is now 18. These are jpegs were taken with my beloved Nikon d70, which just died this month – RIP.

On another thought now that we have a lego land in Central Florida I need to go see it – always fun.

Motion – Photo 101

Tree Swallows
Tree Swallows in Flight – Orlando Wetlands Park – March 2015
Tree Swallows
Many Swallows – Orlando Wetlands Park – March 2015
Tree Swallows
Tree Swallows – Orlando Wetlands Park – March 2015 

Well, the pictures aren’t great but the idea is there. If you look at the flying birds you can definitely tell they are moving. Even though they appear still I think the random positioning shows the motion.

Tree Swallows are among the more difficult birds to catch in flight. The pictures with the birds in the air are taken at 1/2000 of a second, the tree is 1/500 and you can really see the blur.

Bird Day

glossy ibis
Glossy Ibis – Orlando Wetlands Park – March 2015
green heron
Green Heron – Orlando Wetlands Park – March 2015

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Zigler

Love these guys. The glossy is in breeding plumage, I think that the green is somewhere in between.

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