Wednesday is Bird Day

limpkin copy

Limpkin – Mullet Lake Park – January 2015


American Bittern – Orlando Wetlands Park 2015

“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings” – Salvador Dali

First picture is a limpkin. A bird I confused with the American Bittern which is the second pic. When I am out and about picture taking the limpkin is the most asked for bird. People stop me and ask about sightings frequently. I’m guessing that Central Florida is a known habitat for this bird.

The second is the American Bittern, one of my favorites. This bird has just come off his natural posture, which is beak in the air pretending to be a reed among the many.

Previous post with misidentified limpkin . Scroll all the way down, the first pic is indeed an ibis.

Quote seen at

Young Ibis

Young white ibis at Blanchard Park.

This is an almost adult white ibis, they gradually lighten as they age. The adults are really beautiful when they fly – pure white with black tip wings. Some day I will capture one, so far haven’t gotten a clean shot. Either no clear, or tail shots, I am learning more about their behavior, so I can get the signals that they are about to take flight.

I was at the local park on the Little Econlockhatchee River (Econ for short). There’s a shallow part where birds usually gather to feed. So I was able to walk up and sit down without bothering them. Interesting experience, At the same time I got some good shots of this bittern feeding. Not sure if I posted it already but here it is again. Feel free to correct my identification, open water is really not their habitat and the neck seems a little long.


American bittern feeding at Blanchard Park.