Young Ibis

Young white ibis at Blanchard Park.

This is an almost adult white ibis, they gradually lighten as they age. The adults are really beautiful when they fly – pure white with black tip wings. Some day I will capture one, so far haven’t gotten a clean shot. Either no clear, or tail shots, I am learning more about their behavior, so I can get the signals that they are about to take flight.

I was at the local park on the Little Econlockhatchee River (Econ for short). There’s a shallow part where birds usually gather to feed. So I was able to walk up and sit down without bothering them. Interesting experience, At the same time I got some good shots of this bittern feeding. Not sure if I posted it already but here it is again. Feel free to correct my identification, open water is really not their habitat and the neck seems a little long.

American bittern feeding at Blanchard Park.

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