The Awakened Eye – Part 2

Droplets – UCF Arboretum February 2015

I didn’t want to leave the topic of The Awakened Eye by Frederick Franck without mention of this one last passage, As part of seeing/drawing and his Zen beliefs he has written an enlightened passage on how we treat the earth as follows:

“It struck me like a whip, Only in America, I believe, does one speak of earth as “dirt”. Are we products of dirt?”


“Where Earth is seen as dirt, the bulldozer is destined to mutilate, to “develop”, to “landscape” what is mere dirt. Mother dirt….”

So far all his writings and drawings have touched me in various ways, I am onto my third book. I enjoy it so much I am able to forgive him for his distaste of photography.

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Blogging201 – Morton’s Fork

Vulture – Haulover Canal Merritt Island.
If asked to choose between writing a blog and never being able to read one or reading blogs. I would choose the ability to read them.
I would want to read because I have found that one of the joys of writing a blog is the many things you see and learn about from the varied folks who like a post. For example today I discovered a builder of model airplanes and life in an African village – among other things. That is amazing and my day is made fuller because of it. But of course I found these by writing a blog and receiving likes, therefore encountering a variant of Morton’s Fork.
And, by the way, I had to research Morton’s Fork – another new thing for today.
I choose the vulture because he is represents Lord Chancellor John Morton, the tax collector!!

Blogging201 – Goals for Moving Forward

Osprey – Building for the Future. Taken: Canaveral Barge Canal January 2015

As I begin part 2 of my blogging education we are asked to set some goals. These are not new but are now chiseled in stone.

1) increase followers to 50 by mid year, by improving blog design, posting relevant writings and quality pictures 2)  personally work towards improving photography and writing by taking seminars, workshops, and independent study – measured by comments. 3) touch someone spiritually – with the love of nature and it’s beauty, seeking new adventures, and further appreciation for what we have.