Blogging201 – Morton’s Fork

Vulture – Haulover Canal Merritt Island.
If asked to choose between writing a blog and never being able to read one or reading blogs. I would choose the ability to read them.
I would want to read because I have found that one of the joys of writing a blog is the many things you see and learn about from the varied folks who like a post. For example today I discovered a builder of model airplanes and life in an African village – among other things. That is amazing and my day is made fuller because of it. But of course I found these by writing a blog and receiving likes, therefore encountering a variant of Morton’s Fork.
And, by the way, I had to research Morton’s Fork – another new thing for today.
I choose the vulture because he is represents Lord Chancellor John Morton, the tax collector!!

One thought on “Blogging201 – Morton’s Fork

  1. I would make the same choice. There has been a 7 year gap in my “blogging career”, but I don’t think I’ve gone a day without reading one, even in the years I wasn’t writing.

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