More on Henri Rousseau

Jungle 1. Taken predawn at UCF arboretum – February 2015
Just finished Masters of World Painting Henri Rousseau by N. Brodskaya. This book was published in the Soviet Union in 1977. A very nice brief bio of Rousseau is followed by several plates of pictures. As expected the book highlights the 7 Rousseau’s that were on display in the Soviet Union at that time.
Written on the back of the painting “War”. From the French “She sweeps past, striking terror in the hearts of all and leaving ruin, tears and despair in her wake”. Well put!
Here’s a link to the painting I found on the web –
My pic is the beginning of my attempts to recreate some of the feel of Rousseau’s jungle pictures. Forgive my early endeavor, I need to find a spot without as many sticks interfering with the green. So far I am philosophically opposed to “cleaning” up a scene for a picture – that could change.
This picture was taken pre-dawn last Sunday at the UCF arboretum at 1.3 second exposure. So I believe I have found the the light I want, now to identify the proper spot.

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