Triumph – Photo 101

Triumph – Gatorland – March 2015
Wrestlers – Gatorland – March 2015

If I had to guess that Great is feeling pretty triumphant. As for the two gators – not really sure if it’s triumph, domination, or if he’s stuck.

Photo 101 has been great fun, where do we go from here? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the like minded bloggers and gaining a glimpse into their world. THANK YOU. I have noticed several bloggers are embarked on other photo challenges, etc. Please let me know about them – I would love to participate.

Special thanks to the Blogging U. folks for putting this together.


Great Egret
Baby Great Egret – Gatorland – March 2015
Great Egret
Waiting for Mom – Gatorland – March 2015

“I shut my eyes in order to see: – Paul Gauguin

Gatorland in Orlando has a wonderful rookery. And while it may not seem logical, gators and nesting birds have a symbiotic relationship. Nests are made in the trees above swimming gators. The birds lose an occasional egg or two, and in turn get protection from the rest of the creatures.

Quote found in the book The Zen of Creativity by John Daido Loori.


Great Egrets
Rivals – Gatorland – March 2015
Great Egret – Orlando Wetlands Park – March 2015

“He that falls in love with himself has no rivals.” Benjamin Franklin

Both these pictures show great egrets with some indication of breeding plumage. Note the green feathers around the face. I’m starting to see a pattern here – like the ibis it’s facial feathers that attract. Hmm, perhaps we men should be growing beards.

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