More Geometry

Triangular Building – Philadelphia – April 2015

“Poetry is as precise a thing as geometry.” Gustave Flaubert

Not sure what they kept in the corner.

I’m guessing there was a building where the tree and steps are and the triangular building filled out the block.

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Geometric Shapes

Masonic Temple – Philadelphia – April 2015
Oriental Hall – Philadelphia – April 2015

From the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. The ceiling in the second picture is made up of thousands of pieces of glass. This building was featured in the movie National Treasure – although our guide assured us there was no treasure there. The decor and architecture is unbelievable.

Mathematics in Nature

Golden Ratio – Naturally – UCF Arboretum – February 2015.
Geometry – Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve – January 2015

“The most beautiful thing is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science.” Albert Einstein

“Where there is matter, there is geometry” Johannes Kepler

I’ve been waiting for a month for the proper post for this heron. Sunday’s pine tree gave that to me. The patterns within the feathers are amazing.

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