Blue Birds

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird – Sullivan County – May 2015
Elusive Adult – Seven Islands State Birding Park – May 2015

Successful birding trip to Tennessee. ID’ed many new species. Lots of history from the late 1700s and early 1800s as this area opened up to exploration by westerners. Saw some working coal mines, which are odd, because there are 50 or so cars in a parking lot and one small building underneath a coal elevator. At first I was curious where the people were – it was far too remote for a park and ride.

Finally music wise I got to go to the Ralph Stanley museum in Clintwood, Va, something I’ve wanted to do for years.

More Masonic Temple

Room in the Temple – Philadelphia – April 2015
Hallway – Philadelphia – April 2015
Masonic Temple
Stained Glass – Philadelphia – April 2015

If it were allowed, I’d get my tripod and wide angle lens and spend the day (or 2) there. Unfortunately it was a 1 hour guided tour, snap away. There were seven themed rooms and the halls and stairs were amazing.

More Geometry

Triangular Building – Philadelphia – April 2015

“Poetry is as precise a thing as geometry.” Gustave Flaubert

Not sure what they kept in the corner.

I’m guessing there was a building where the tree and steps are and the triangular building filled out the block.

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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers – Philadelphia – April 2015
Yellow – Philadelphia – April 2015

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.”  – John Muir

Little spots of flowers in an urban environment. Walking around Philadelphia I remembered  the magic of spring in more temperate climates than where I live. A single flower is magic.

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Geometric Shapes

Masonic Temple – Philadelphia – April 2015
Oriental Hall – Philadelphia – April 2015

From the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. The ceiling in the second picture is made up of thousands of pieces of glass. This building was featured in the movie National Treasure – although our guide assured us there was no treasure there. The decor and architecture is unbelievable.