More Masonic Temple

Room in the Temple – Philadelphia – April 2015
Hallway – Philadelphia – April 2015
Masonic Temple
Stained Glass – Philadelphia – April 2015

If it were allowed, I’d get my tripod and wide angle lens and spend the day (or 2) there. Unfortunately it was a 1 hour guided tour, snap away. There were seven themed rooms and the halls and stairs were amazing.

7 thoughts on “More Masonic Temple

    1. Yes, I was surprised. I think they are trying to dispel the Da Vinci Code myths and all the history channel stuff by being open. They do continually touch up the wall murals, etc so no worries about flash picture degradation.

  1. I was curious with the Masons before and I researched on its origins. I found a book titled, “Hiram Key” which details how and why the Freemason was formed. A very interesting book… It flashed my mind upon reading your blog. 🙂

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