Black and White Birds

BW Heron – Biolab Dr – June 2015
Great Blue – Biolab Dr – June 2015

“Originality is uncharted territory, you get there by carrying a canoe – not taking a taxi.” – Alan Alda

Ran across the second picture and it just didn’t work – so I tried a convert to black and white.

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Architecture – Photo 101

Cinderella’s Castle BW – Disney World – March 2014
Cinderella’s Castle – Disney World – March 2014

Had to dig into the archives for this one. This is the upper part of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World in Orlando. Shot with my kit lens – the spires do not really lean in like that.

I’m not really happy with my black and white conversions. There never seems to be enough contrast in my photos to make the B&W conversions pop.

So perhaps if I tried for more contrasty captures things would turn out better – another challenge!!