Glass – Photo 101

Glass Ceiling – Bellagio Las Vegas, NV – October 2014
Chocolate Fountain – Bellagio Las Vegas, NV – October 2014
Yellow Glass – Las Vegas, NV – October 2014

Three different views of glass – from – where else – Las Vegas NV. First a glass ceiling with multiple leaves of colored glass. Then the chocolate fountain using glass for an admirable purpose. As for those buildings – not sure what’s going on.

Mark Twain

Indian Blanket – along the road – Seminole County, FL October 2014

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today” Mark Twain

Mark Twain is one of my literary heroes. He was the ultimate wanderer. Starting down the Mississippi, he went out to Nevada, then San Francisco, Hawaiian Islands and the Mid East. Along the way he wrote some great travelogues – Innocent’s Abroad, Following the Equator, Autobiography among others.

Here’s some pics from the Virginia City, NV home of the Territorial Enterprise where Mark Twain wrote for the newspaper.

Mark Twain’s desk – Virginia City, NV July 2013
Fitting Exhibit in the Mark Twain Museum – Virginia City, NV July 2013.