Good Morning


Clouds – Orlando Wetlands Park – May 205


Free Coffee – Orlando Wetlands Park – May 2015

“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.” – Henry David Thoreau

Summer patterns have arrived and we are blessed in the mornings with clouds in the east. Due I believe to the proximity of the Gulf Stream. I kept this picture despite the artifact from the lens. Kind of looks like a camp fire.

As for the second picture there were spoonbills, glossy and white ibis, great egrets and more – all deciding on a fly around at the same time. wonder why?

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Cliff Swallows


Cliff Swallow Houses – Domtar Park – May 2015


Cliff Swallow – Domtar Park – May 2015

“The perch swallows the grub-worm, the pickerel swallows the perch, and the fisherman swallows the pickerel, and so all the chinks in the scale of being are filled” – Henry David Thoreau

This was my first encounter with cliff swallows, they build their nests from mud under bridges. Probably used to build them on cliffs but…. This park was in Kingsport, TN.

Can’t say enough about Thoreau, he saw the connections in nature at a time when most folks were just killing stuff.

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Wildflower Wednesday


Thistle – Seven Island Bird Park – May 2015


Wild Sunflower – Seven Island Bird Park – May 2015

“In wildness is the preservation of the world” – Henry David Thoreau

Seven Islands State Bird Park is a Tennessee state park on the French Broad River. It is reported that 180 species of birds have been spotted here. Pretty good for 425 acres.

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Interesting Sun


Sun Up Over Water – Cocoa Beach – April 2015


Dark Morning – Cocoa Beach – April 2015

“You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds” – Henry David Thoreau

Wetlands today and a history jaunt around Lake Monroe tomorrow. I’ve been reading a fabulous book Florida’s American Heritage River – Images from the St John’s Region by Mallory M. O’Conner and Gary Monroe. It explores the history of the region through it’s art.

Lake Monroe was the southern terminus of the navigable portion of the St John’s River and consequently of the exploration of Florida. In the 1800’s steam ships ran between here and Jacksonville. While I’m somewhat familiar with Sanford, I’ll be exploring DeLand and the northern shore of Lake Monroe.

Lots of history surrounds Lake Monroe which was the southern terminus of the St John’s river,

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