Interesting Sun

Sun Up Over Water – Cocoa Beach – April 2015
Dark Morning – Cocoa Beach – April 2015

“You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds” – Henry David Thoreau

Wetlands today and a history jaunt around Lake Monroe tomorrow. I’ve been reading a fabulous book Florida’s American Heritage River – Images from the St John’s Region by Mallory M. O’Conner and Gary Monroe. It explores the history of the region through it’s art.

Lake Monroe was the southern terminus of the navigable portion of the St John’s River and consequently of the exploration of Florida. In the 1800’s steam ships ran between here and Jacksonville. While I’m somewhat familiar with Sanford, I’ll be exploring DeLand and the northern shore of Lake Monroe.

Lots of history surrounds Lake Monroe which was the southern terminus of the St John’s river,

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