Georgia Gators

Cruisin – Okefenokee Swamp – May 2015
Is That a Smile – Okefenokee Swamp -May 2015

“Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.” – Mark Twain

Slightly different quote theme to go with my title. This is a regional reference, With one of our state university mascots being the gator (in fact the inventors of Gatorade), Georgia is a natural rival. So the title will surely make some cringe.

Back to nature, with a brief encounter I did notice the behavior of the Gerorgia alligators is altogether different than ours at the wetlands.  Going to need to investigate.

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5 thoughts on “Georgia Gators

  1. Mohammad Mahloujian

    Great photos, thanks for sharing.

    I just wonder how far is your security disntance when taking pictures of gators?How do you know you don’t another one close by? (sorry for my ignorance)

    1. For these pictures I use a 300mm lens on a nikon DX camera making it a 450mm equivalent. About the closest I will get is 20 feet. While human-gator encounters are very rare they are wild animals and unpredictable. Also, if you are disturbing them they usually hiss or growl – a single to leave. Finally, while you often do not know if another is closer, I always keep my eyes open!!

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