Interesting Sun

Sun Up Over Water – Cocoa Beach – April 2015
Dark Morning – Cocoa Beach – April 2015

“You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds” – Henry David Thoreau

Wetlands today and a history jaunt around Lake Monroe tomorrow. I’ve been reading a fabulous book Florida’s American Heritage River – Images from the St John’s Region by Mallory M. O’Conner and Gary Monroe. It explores the history of the region through it’s art.

Lake Monroe was the southern terminus of the navigable portion of the St John’s River and consequently of the exploration of Florida. In the 1800’s steam ships ran between here and Jacksonville. While I’m somewhat familiar with Sanford, I’ll be exploring DeLand and the northern shore of Lake Monroe.

Lots of history surrounds Lake Monroe which was the southern terminus of the St John’s river,

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Happy May Day

Butterfly – Lori Wilson Park – April 2015
Yum Flowers – Lori Wilson Park – April 2015

“Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun” – Kahlil Gibran

While we don’t celebrate this here – I think we should! Bring out the maypoles. Perhaps we could replace Cinco de Mayo with this day. Then celebrate Mexican independence in September.

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Cocoa Pier

gbheron pierpelican

It was foggy and cloudy this morning, but the birds were cooperative. These guys were hanging out on the pier waiting for gifts from the fisherman – fortunately no one was feeding them.

I’m shooting auto ISO and manual mode so I can control the shutter speed better, I capped the ISO at 400, I can go to 800 without much degradation, but I don’t like it. Personal preference I guess. Post processing was a bit difficult, I need to determine how to get 8X10’s using the full raw file.

Back To It.


I’ve been out every morning for the past week and a half. All the usual spots. Raining today so I get a chance to review and post.

Here’s a shot of a pelican sitting on the Cocoa Beach pier. It’s a bit blown out, but I was having difficulty capturing the dark feathers and the white head, I think the look on his face is worth a post. I plan on getting back there once or twice in the next few days.

I’ve begun my second Freeman Patterson book, Photography of Natural Things and as usual he has some thought provoking ideas that make me want to be out on the trail observing and photographing.

Planning to go to Blanchard Park this afternoon, haven’t been there in a while and got some great ibis shots and a bittern eating the last time I was there.

ibis bittern